Police Department History

The Village of Round Lake Beach employed its first police officer in 1937, in the form of a town marshal. This officer patrolled the village by foot or in his own car. In 1952, a separate police department was formed to patrol the area around the lake itself but was disbanded around 1960. In 1958, the Department created its own dispatch point out of then police officer Chris Clemmons' home; his wife Eleanor Clemmons was the dispatcher.  

Police Cruiser

Growing a Department

Malcolm Nelson was the first police chief from the late 40's. Other chiefs, Clarence Yeager and Frank Kelly, would watch for the porch light to come on at the Clemmons' home before the radio system was installed. Harry Clayburn, Carl Schmidt, and Clarence Folgers (1964) were also previous police chiefs. 

In 1964, the Police Department was given its first jail cell from the Chicago Police Department's Madison Street Station. According to the 1962 census, Round Lake Beach was the largest community in western Lake County, with a population of 6,011.  An aggressive annexation policy made Round Lake Beach one of the largest geographic area in western Lake County. 

With the commercial growth of Rollins Road and North Cedar Lake Road, the village was coming into its own as a business community.

Village of Round Lake Beach Police Department Today

Since 2003, the Police Department has set and surpassed a series of objectives for itself, which are established by the Village Board and the leadership of the department. The department's shared goals and accomplishments would not be possible if not for the dedication and perseverance of the 50 employees assigned to the Police Department to protect this village each day.

Police Department Headquarters

The department draws its funding from the general budget of the village and from special revenues such as grants and seizures. The 2008 / 09 operating budget was $6.2 million dollars. The department has a fleet of 15 vehicles on the front line composed of marked patrol units, evidence technician vehicle, truck enforcement vehicle, and Community Service Officers Trucks.