Air Quality

DocumentThe village is working to maintain a high quality of air through the practice of sustainable policies and providing necessary resources to residents. Air quality, is fundamental in leading a strong and healthy way of life you can find resources & tips on how you can help increase the air quality in your community. 

In 2009, the Village achieved Clean Air Counts Bronze for clean air policies passed in the community.  
  • Carbon Footprint Calculator
    • Curious what your Carbon Footprint is? Want to know how you compare to the rest of the U.S.? Use the calculator 
  • Alternative Fuel Map
    • Driving a hybrid vehicle? or curious about alternative fuels in your area? Take a look at the Alternative Fuel Map.
  • Air Quality Index (AQI) Map
    • Air Now provides information on air quality throughout the United States informing the public when air pollution can pose health risks. 
  • Use local transportation when available 
  • Choose to walk or bike instead of drive
  • Purchase a hybrid electric vehicle 
  • Do not leave vehicle idle