Open Space & Wetlands

Document (1)There are many hidden natural areas throughout the Village ranging from young forests to restored prairies and wetlands. Due to the Villages' geographic location wetlands are by far the most prominent in the Village. 

The wetlands in the Village play a fundamental role in water retention, quality, and control. Over the years maintenance on these wetlands have decreased leading to erosion, nutrient overloading and invasive species to damage the health of the wetlands.
ResourcesThe Village is designing a wetland management plan that will direct the village on best management of Village wetlands. The plan discusses recommended restoration for plan years -5, -10, and -20. The goal of this plan is to be proactive rather than reactive in management of Village wetlands. 

Wetland Plan Overview

If your property borders a natural area here are some tips to help preserve the health of neighboring natural areas. 

Wetland & You  
  • Do not toss lawn clippings into natural areas 
    • This causes dead zones
  • DocumentAllow natural vegetation to grow around ponds and lakes 
    • Without tall vegetation the soil becomes weak and has high likelihood of collapsing
  • Plant native trees, shrubs, and plants. 
    • Native plants are hardier than cultivated plant species and provide food for native animal species
  • Use chemical treatment sparingly on lawns
Want to help protect local natural areas in RLB? Take a look below to see what you can do!
  • Volunteer 
  • Spread Awerness
  • Become a Citizen Scientist
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