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Business Licensing ProgramThe Business License Program is part of the Village’s proactive code enforcement efforts. Its purpose is to help insure Round Lake Beach is a safe and attractive place to shop for goods & services and to conduct business. New businesses work with the Director of Inspections to obtain a business license as part of the process of establishing a business. The annual renewal process consists of 3-steps as noted below. Please be aware that there are additional specialized guidelines for ice cream vendors, pawn brokers and secondhand goods dealers. 

  1. Submission of renewal form to provide updated information
  2. Payment of an annual fee
  3. Resolution of outstanding issues such as unpaid bills
Program Guidelines & Procedures 

Timeframes & Deadlines

Due April 30th : Renewal forms, fees & unpaid invoices
A reminder to renew the business license will be mailed to each business in March. The renewal form, license fee and any outstanding invoices are due by April 30th.

Business Application Online
Fill out your Business Application and submit online here Business Application Online

Pay Business Certificate fees online here Pay Online

Vending Application Online

Fill out your Vending Application and submit online here Vending Application Online
Pay Vending certificate fees online here Pay Online

Ice Cream Vendor Application

Fill out the Ice Cream Vendor Application by printing the application here Ice Cream Vendor Application and submitting it to our office.


Pay your renewal fee and any open invoices by clicking on the link below, and the enter your License Number which is located on your invoice.

Pay Renewal Fee

Questions & Contact Information
Please direct any questions to [email protected] or by calling 847-546-2351.