How many days to I have to pay my water bill after it comes?
Water bills are mailed out bi-monthly and residents have 30 days to pay before penalties are added to the account
How do I avoid receiving penalties on my water bill?
Enrolling in Direct debit will help you avoid receiving any penalties as long as there are sufficient funds in your account. In order to sign up, please visit village hall or fill out the direct debit form in the form center and submit it to village hall.
Why is there a "minimum bill" even if you use no water?
Even if you use no water you will receive what is called a “minimum bill.” Even without consumption the water (and sewer) pipes must be kept in proper functioning condition 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 12 months a year in order to be ready for the instant when one has use for those services. The labor and materials required in maintaining that immediate service level does cost money. Those expenses must be jointly shared between all potential users.
Is there a convenient way to pay my water & sewer bill?
Yes. The Village uses an automatic withdrawal plan that you can sign up for at village hall through Direct Debit, or you can go to our Online Bill Payment website.
What if I suspect I have a water leak or the water meter is not accurate?
You can call either the Finance Department or the Public Works Department. The Village can schedule a meter reader to come out to inspect your property and/or your meter(s). The Finance Department can be reached Mon-Fri 8am-5pm or sat 9am-12pm at 847-546-2351 and the Public Works Department can be reached Mon-Fri 7am-3:30pm at 847-546-8752.
Am I assessed penalties if I don't pay my water bill on time?
Yes. A 10% late fee is added to all water bill payments not received by the due date.
What if I am planning on being out of the area when my water bill normally comes?
You should call the Finance department and make plans to pay in advance, or you can enroll in our automatic withdrawal plan.
What do I need to do about my water bill when I am getting ready to sell my home?
As soon as your closing date has been scheduled, call the Finance Department to set up a final water bill reading. The reading will be scheduled 3 to 5 days before the closing. The final water bill must be paid before the buyers of the property can come in to pick up an occupancy certificate.
What % of my property taxes goes to the Village of Round Lake Beach?
Actually only a portion of your bill goes to the Village. Approximately 5.5% of your property taxes goes to support the Village's operations.
What does the Village use that money for?
It goes to support general administration, liability insurance and the two pension funds (police and non-police employees) the Village has for its employees. The Village is required to match employee contributions according to State law.
Where can I purchase parking permits for the Metra Station?
Bi-monthly Parking permits can be purchased at village hall for $60. An honor box is available to pay with cash at the Metra Station.
How much does daily parking cost at the Metra parking lot.
$1.50 per day.
Does the Village offer an electric aggregation program?
Yes. The Village is offering an electric aggregation program.