Water & Sewer Billing

Some general information regarding water and sewer billing is included on this page. For additional information or for questions on your water bill, please contact us at 847-546-2351.


A deposit of $100 is required for new owners and it is billed on your first bill for water and sewer service. It is not refundable until the property has changed ownership or tenancy and the final bill is paid in full.

Billing Information

Customers are billed bi-monthly for water and sewer services, the bills are sent out in, January, March, May, July, September and November. Payments are due no earlier than the 7th of the month in, February, April, June, August, October, and December, the current schedule is listed below.

2024 Water Billing Schedule

Water & Sewer Bill Due Dates

Water bills are due on the due date, which is no earlier than the 7th of the even month. A second notice is sent out if the bill is not paid by the due date, this second notice is due 14 days after the original due date. Any bill not paid by the second notice due is liable for disconnection.

Past Due Balances

If your account is delinquent, a courtesy final notice to pay known as a Yellow Tag is delivered to the service address on Thursdays. As a final notice to pay with a due date of 5 days later on Monday. The past due payment is then required in the form of cash or credit card, no checks are accepted.

If payment is not received on Monday in our office by 5pm, or if payment is done on online, by midnight on Monday. A disconnection will take place on the service address next day Tuesday.

Disconnection due to non-payment

If disconnection takes place you are required to pay the past due balance. In addition to, you will also be required to pay the turn on fee of $50 and you need to sign a Turn on Waiver form no later than 2pm. If payment and Turn on Waiver are received after 2pm an after-hour fee of $25 will be required in order to turn on water services after hours. Call our Village Hall office at (847) 546-2351 if you have been disconnected and need services to be restored.

Turn on Waiver Form

Sign Up for Paperless Billing

Paperless Billing (E-Billing) makes it more convenient for the customer to receive the bi-monthly water and sewer bill from the Village. A PDF version of the Water & Sewer Bill is emailed to the desired email address. See a sample of an emailed Water & Sewer Bill Here.

There are three methods to sign up for paperless billing:
  1. Sign up directly online (no need to mail or print any forms). Click here to sign up online.
  2. Download the form and email to: [email protected] 
  3. Or print, fill out and mail form to:
Village of Round Lake Beach
Attn: Water Billing
1937 N. Municipal Way
Round Lake Beach, IL 60073

To cancel paperless billing, you would need to submit request in paper or via email that you would like to cancel paperless billing, you may email the request to [email protected] 


Fee Type Rate Usage
Water $8.78 Per 1,000 gallons of usage
Lake County Sewer $3.98 Per 1,000 gallons of usage
Sewer Fee $0.22 Per 1,000 gallons of usage
Customer Fee $11.00 Per Bill (Bi-Monthly)
Sewer Fees $11.00 Per Bill (Bi-Monthly)
Excess Flow Surcharge $3.00 Per Bill (Bi-Monthly)

Rental Properties

Landlords may elect to have their water and sewer bills mailed to their tenants. Complete and submit the following document to use this service. Landlords are required to provide move in date and an inside meter read and outside meter receiver read (if applicable) on the form. A bill will be calculated for water and service used prior to tenant’s move in date. Once this bill has been paid and a Rental Certificate is in order a tenant’s name will be entered into account.

Authorization to Bill Tenant

Selling / Moving 

If you are selling your property you will be required to complete the Occupancy Permit process, please see our Moving and Property Transfer Requirements(Occupancy Permit).

Landlords/Tenants are required to provide vacancy date and an inside meter read and outside meter receiver read (if applicable) to the Village five days prior to moving out of property in order to calculate final bill for tenants. All fees need to be paid prior to moving out. Please call the Village Hall at (847) 546-2351 in case you are not able to locate the inside meter.
Excess Flow SurchargeThe Northwest Regional Sanitary Sewer System provides sanitary sewer service to the Village of Round Lake Beach and other surrounding communities. During periods of heavy rainfall the sewer system gets overburdened and causes unauthorized sewage discharges and basement backups. The most cost effective solution to correct this issue, identified by Lake County Public Works, is increasing the capacity of the excess flow facilities at the Round Lake Area Sanitary District site located in Round Lake Beach.  The improvements will cost about $7.1 million, of which $2 million will come from County funds. The remaining will be funded by a bond issuance or IEPA loan. The cost to each individual residential customer equivalent will be $1.50 per month ($3.00 bi-monthly).. This will appear as “Excess Flow Surcharge” on your water bill.