Water & Sanitary

Our Water SystemThe Village’s water supply has been provided by the Central Lake County Joint Action Water Agency (CLCJAWA) since 1992. The water is sourced from Lake Michigan.

At times, CLCJAWA will need to perform maintenance on the system. During those brief instances, the village water supply will come from emergency backup groundwater wells while CLCJAWA performs maintenance or repairs to the system. The emergency backup system is regularly maintained and tested according to IEPA regulations, however some customers may notice a slight taste and odor difference during CLCJAWA service interruptions. 

The village's water distribution system consists of emergency backup groundwater wells, two elevated tanks and one above ground storage facility with a storage capacity of 4 million gallons.

In addition, the water system consists of 80 miles of various sized water distribution mains, and appurtenances intrinsic of 1075 control valves, 1025 fire hydrants, 8,050 water services and metered accounts. The village pumps an average of 2.3 million gallons per day (GPD) during the summer months and 1.6 million per day during the winter months with an annual pumping volume of over 620 million gallons.
Our Sanitary SystemThe village’s sanitary collection system consists of 70 miles of various sized sanitary mains including seven sanitary wastewater-pumping stations. Sanitary sewage is conveyed to the Northwest Fox Lake Water Reclamation District where it is treated and released. The Water and Sanitary Division maintenance programs include regular jetting, flushing, and cleaning of sanitary sewer mains and emergency response to sewer line blockages. The  village’s sanitary collection system consists of 70 miles of various sized sanitary mains including six sanitary wastewater-pumping stations.
Storm/Sanitary Connection Specifications